NYCFC Podcast Film Breakdown: First Goal Against Montreal Impact & VPV

It’s been a while since I’ve broke down a play and again sorry for that. Life happened and I had to deal with it. That’s in the past and funny enough so is this play but it doesn’t take away how beautiful it truly is. This breakdown could not have come at a better time when NYCFC just came off a loss in penalties to the New York Cosmos. Gosh how horrible was that? The atmosphere was amazing primarily due to NYCFC fans. We made yet another opponents home game the most important of the season and nearly sold out their stadium. I needed something positive to analyse. With that said let’s move on to breaking down this beautiful play.

To set the scene, it’s a tie score against Montreal as the 30 minute market just hits but NYCFC have had the majority of possession and have had quite a few build up plays on the left side of the field. It was the best start to the first half all season long.



We begin the first slide with Wingert (Why did he even play against the cosmos? Birthday/ a local? Follow the thread on So frustrating!) holding the ball and doing what he actually does well on occasion which is play a long ball, this time to McNamara. David Villa has a ton of open space in front of him and Patrick Mullins and Mehdi Ballouchy are near the top of the box.



Ball is passed and is placed at a perfect spot for a running McNamara. Villa turns and runs to the open area.



McNamara receives the ball and quickly controls it while lifting up his head to see who is making a run into the box. Both Mullins and Ballouchy are and Villa is making his way to the top of the box.



Now, I know McNamara’s intention was to pass the ball to Mullins but was his intention to do so through a defenders leg? He’s the one rocking the mullet so I say yes.



The ball goes through the defenders legs and reaches Mullins who is covered but quickly one touches it to Ballouchy.



Ballouchy has been so successful in this area of the penalty box and I’m sure many fans were expecting a shot. At least I was. He controls the ball to his right foot and touches it once before magically finding a cutting Villa.



I looked at the replay quite a few times and can’t tell when he saw Villa cutting but either way what a beautiful touch on the ball.



No defender was able to reach the ball as it was placed in the perfect area.



Villa does his thing and doesn’t waste a step and one times it in the goal.



My one critic on the play is Villa’s shot. It went in and that’s all that really matters but he shot the ball directly at the Montreal goal keeper. It wasn’t a ground shot and it did elevate a bit but it had the ability of being saved. This is my third all time favorite goal of season. Can you guess the other two?



Either way believe it or not the breakdown does not end here. During these breakdowns you’ve seen some poor defensive plays from our boys in blue and, in recent weeks, some of their amazing opportunities and finishes. More importantly it’s become a running gag here at how Villa points during each match.



This is no gag. This play stands out from the rest because it showcases just how contagious Villa Pointing is.

Here’s what I mean…


Villa scores the first goal of the game during the 30th min and it’s well deserving a celebration. He slides down on his knees (which to me is always scary to see, I’m always expecting someone’s knees to bust open) and blows a kiss to the crowd and points. Par for course right?



Mullins and RJ Allen join Villa to congratulate him but he semi acknowledges them and seems to be wanting to separate himself from their hugs so he can….point….again! Look at Davids right hand. No the other right, the arm which is not wrapped with the captain badge.



I’m pretty sure it’s to Ballouchy for his great pass and I’m pretty sure Ballouchy is NOT pointing back to Villa (for the sake of my research).



RJ Allen and Mullins are in direct physical contact with Villa. Not before long, Mullins stretches out his right arm while holding onto Villa and he begins to points!


Quickly after that RJ Allen, who also touched Villa, becomes infected with Villa Pointing Virus (VPV) and he too stretches out his arm and points.

Is our medical staff aware of the virus?


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