NYCFC: S1E52 Tale of Two Halves & Poku 3 VS DC United 1

On today’s episode Matt Reed and Andres Emilio Soto breakdown the 3-1 victory NYCFC had against DC United. We then look into Wednesday match up against the Columbus Crew. Show link:


Here’s what you’ll hear on today’s episode

  • Review of NYCFC’s starting lineup, RJ Allen starting at right back and Kwadwo Poku starting at center attacking midfield
  • Recap of all 4 goals
  • What Shay Facey’s yellow means against the next match against the Columbus Crew
  • What was the meaning behind the substitution of RJ Allen for Iraola
  • The progression of Andrew Jacobson
  • Angelino and the short corner kick setups will pay off
  • Thoughts on Mix Diskerud being replaced for Sebastian Velasquez and Mix’s role on our team
  • There have been rumblings about benching Saunders
  • Wednesday’s preview against The Columbus Crew
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-Andres Emilio Soto


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