NYCFC: S1E53 Interview with Tommy Nevada aka Johnny Cambero

What’s up everybody thank you so much for joining me today in episode S1E53 of the NYCFC Fan Podcast. On today’s show I interview Johnny Cambero aka Tommy Nevada. We talk about a wide range of topics including how he started following soccer and what he does during games. Show notes for this episode will be found at


Here’s what you’ll hear on today’s episode

  •  We get to learn how Tommy Nevada started following soccer and the teams he follows as well
  • Hailing from the Dominican Republic, how did Tommy Nevada fall into soccer?
  • Tommy’s opinion about the Red Bulls Vs NYCFC match and the sanctions
  • Clears the air out about the GSU vs NYCFC Fans
  • Tailgate Essentials 100: What to do and what not to do
  • Yankees Stadium Security & Securitas
  • Tommy’s experience with the Hearts of Oak
  • As a capo, the chants Tommy Nevada likes and those he wants gone.
  • How can we achieve a more unified front between the supporter sections?
  • Explain the feat of the “bad boy” image cast over NYCFC Supporters
  • Who is Tommy Nevada and how did the name evolve?
  • How the supporters section is improving each game with songs/ chants.
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