NYCFC: S1E58 Interview with Farhan Mostafa

On today’s episode I interview Farhan Mostafa aka Chunky and we discuss his love for soccer, how he became a goalie, the amount of soccer jerseys he collects and we touch upon Brown Bag Social Club and NYC12. Show link:


Here’s what you’ll hear on today’s episode

  • We get to know Farhan Mostafa a bit personally and how he became a soccer fan
  • How Farhan became a fan of Liverpool, Barcelona and NYCFC
  • He was a ball boy during the Liverpool vs Manchester City match at Yankee Stadium
  • His experience meeting Steven Gerrard by accident
  • What gets Farhan Mostafa excited and worried about New York City FC
  • What the best and worst part of the NYCFC season has been for Farhan Mostafa
  • What changes he would of made during the Galaxy slaughter.
  • His thoughts on what David Villa’s post comments were after the Galaxy loss and what he thinks Frank Lampard’s future is.
  • Four players Farhan believes will not be with NYCFC next season.
  • Farhan explains how and why he joined Brown Bag Social Club and NYC12 plus how the two organizations began.
  • Farhan explains why we should fire Jason Kreis.
  • You can follow Farhan Mostafa on Instagram and Twitter @chunky_fm
  • Shout outs: Oscar Martinez, BBSC & NYC12
  • NYC12:
  • Brown Bag Social Club:
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