NYCFC: S1E63 Foursome, Friendlies and Firings

Welcome to the NYCFC Fan Podcast. On today’s episode I’m joined by Robert Hobson, Zach Weiner and Dane Forgione to recap the latest news and rumors surrounding NYCFC. Show link:



Here’s what you’ll hear on today’s episode

  • The gang talks about their thoughts on Jason Kreis getting released by NYCFC and the hiring of Patrick Viera
  • How much of New York City FC’s poor season is Claudio Reyna’s fault?
  • We discuss the major implications if Robert’s daughter becomes a Red Bulls fan.
  • How in the world is David Villa elected as MLS Latino Player of the year?
  • We go through the vast amount of players released by New York City FC.
  • We wrap up the show with questions and controversy from fans
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