NYCFC S2E2: What Has This Preseason Told Us?


Welcome to episode two one in our second season of the NYCFC Fan Podcast! Today’s episode I am joined by Robert Hobson and Joe Scarchilli (Sky Blues of NY). Show link:


Topics discussed on the podcast episode

  • Joe Scarchilli discusses what his favorite NYCFC off season moves are and where he sees NYCFC in his Power Rankings.
  • What we expect from our 3 DP’s.
  • Robert joins us midway through the recording and we discuss if a stadium could be built in Long Island City now that Fresh Direct sold their massive warehouse.
  • How we all felt about NYCFC this time, last year.
  • NYCFC expectations for the US Open Cup
  • Petition to refer to the supporters section as “The Pigeon Coop” or “The Stoop”
  • An awesome poll conducted by the NYCFC sub reddit
  • Tirzah and Patrick’s announcement about getting married on the home opener.
  • Join our Fantasy MLS League!

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