Post uit Nederland: Why isn’t he always in?! Recap Johansen’s debut in MLS

Courtesy of NYCFC
Courtesy of NYCFC


NYCFC earned a 1st round bye yesterday by defeating Columbus Crew 4-1, but it could’ve been better if Eirik Johansen was in goal from day 1.

Eirik Johansen, a 24-year-old from Tönsberg, Norway, is a former Manchester City Academy player, who went to NYCFC to find his luck there. Sadly, a certain veteran called Josh Saunders, was the first pick for Kreis and Vieira. So Eirik had to settle with US Open Cup matches, where he performed, talked the talk and walked the walk, personally all good matches, with a different outcome.

With Josh Saunders ”failing” and being inconsistent, fans wanted change, they were openly applying for Eirik to start! But no coach gave Eirik the chance in the MLS. Until Fan Appreciantion Night, and boy did we felt appreciated!

Not only was his start a mark-out moment, but his performance spoke more words than there are in the English dictionary!

After only 4 minutes into the game, Columbus Crew broke into NYCFC’s defense and created a 99.9% chance of scoring the 0-1, but Eirik Johansen with his 6ft 7in stretched out and saved us of a terrible beginning for the Boys in Blue.

What really stood out, was Eirik’s determination. Every single ball that was too close on goal, was knocked away by the huge Norwegian. He didn’t doubt any actions he made and seemed calm throughout the entire match, something that calms the defense. If we compare it with Josh Saunders, than he was way calmer!

So what does this mean?

Eirik probably will go back to bench and will play no match in the play-offs. Communication with the defense is a point of feedback for the number 25 of our squad.

But Josh Saunders is getting older, he probably will play his last season this or next year and pave the way for Johansen. Rawls will become the second goalie and NYCFC probably acquire the third at the 2017 or 2018 SuperDraft.

In my opinion, Eirik is the number 1 on the list. He has to play more matches, so he and the defense get to know eachother. But hey, that’s what pre-season for right?

Tot ziens!

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