Post uit Nederland – NYCFC v Chicago

Photo credit: Mikey Lopez’ Twitter @MLopez12_5

Oh yeah baby! The 2016 MLS season has begun and how?!

First, the match: It was great. The 90 minutes felt like 15, it was all going so fast! I watched it behind my laptop in the living room (here it was 8 pm) and I marked out, each and every time we scored. Too bad my parents had company haha. But yeah the match was amazing. It was an even match, both teams played well, and Chicago should’ve won in fact, because they had to have 3 penalty kicks. But still, we won! Our homeboy T-Mac scored the first goal this season of the entire MLS and we had the match with the most goals. It was funny to see that David Villa couldn’t do anything because every defender Chicago had, was with him. This gave some room to Taylor and Shelton, who both scored. Mix was, indeed, on ”fire” and shoutout to Mikey Lopez to a great debut, the guy was everywhere.

Sadly, our defense hasn’t improved, but hey why do we Judge about the defense in one game? In pre-season they played good. Are it the nerves? Yes, for some it was, I think.

So to discuss each and every player, I will analyse them one at a time:

Saunders: Saint Saunders (if you follow us on Twitter: @nycfcpodcast) has been promoted, by me, to God Saunders. God Saunders lost his bald head, but didn’t lose his skills. He gave up his body for the team, and still kept playing only using his right arm!! I mean, who does that?! Rating: 10

Mataritta: Mataratta, Mataratti, Mozzarella, whatever, played fantastic. A great debut and a promising player to the team. He is an example of what Vieira’s vision is: experienced yet young. Although I haven’t following him for that long, he played a good match. Rating: 8

Hernandes: Hernandes, like where to start? There were some good and some bad thing, I liked the aggresiveness and your will to win, but don’t overexaggerate by making dumb fauls. Work on that a bit. Rating: 6

Brillant: Frederic buddy, was it the nerves? Or do you need to get used to the country? Or the league? You said to me, you’ve played your worst match in your career. Maybe, but don’t let it bother you. This is all new to you, the continent is even new to you. I’ve seen you in Belgium. I know what you can do. You just need to show it to the people here in NYC. Rating: 5

White: Ethan, wow man you’ve done good. I really thought he would be benched, that people thought he was bad, but he was professional. I liked him off the field, but now I like him on the field as well. I was happy he wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself, because in the 80th minute, I think, he was a bit angry against his opponent. Keep on going! Rating: 8

McNamara: 10 minutes, boom, goal. 62 minutes, boom, assist. Period. Rating: 10

Pirlo: Andrea has improved. He actually ran for once, instead of jogging across the field. He played like he was 5 years younger. I think Pirlo is going to be a key player this season, before he hangs up his boots. Rating: 7,5

Mix: Mix came back, with a lot of new tricks up his sleeve. Too bad he didn’t play like this last year, but I sure am happy he plays like this, this season! Rating: 9

Taylor: pfff, Tony you were amazing. Like I said on S2E5 I really liked to see you play, and as I said to you: I’m happy you’re back! A supporters sub (like we say here) was well deserved. Rating: 8,5

Villa: Sorry captain, but I didn’t saw much to you, because our other stars were shining to bright. But you still had some great keypasses and you were important for our team. Congrats! Rating: 8

Shelton: Khiry you did want we want you to do: score whenever you can. You played great, stay healthy and we’re gonna see a lot more of you! Rating: 9

Lopez: Mikey, you remind me of a player of my favorite Dutch team: Andres Guardado. The Mexican captain. You were everywhere and had your contribution where ever you were on the field! It’s nice to have somebody like you on the pitch. Rating: 8

Bravo: Haven’t noticed you really. I need to get used to you like ASAP. Rating: 7


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Tot ziens!


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