Post uit Nederland: Thanks NYCFC

Courtesy of NYCFC


Hey, it’s me… Again!

I just wanted to tell you that, well, we had an awesome season.

Let’s begin with the begin:

You fired Jason Kreis last year and appointed Patrick Vieira, THE Patrick Vieira, as our head coach. He proved himself, I’ll tell you that. And not only did he prove himself, his assistent too. He brought us to victory two times! Maybe a golden duo in the making?

Then you got yourself some new players, players like: Mataritta, Brillant, White, Lopez, Harrison, Mendoza, Martines, Bravo, Gomez, Rawls and finally Chanot (sorry if I forgot someone). They made the team it is today, a good oiled engine that pushed through the season. They all had a rough start, but they made NYCFC with the other players. It felt more like a team then last year.

Last year we said: ”this is our first year, relax”. With this (almost entire) new team, I think we are on the same level as last year, based on the amount of players who never played together! Hell, we had a BOCA Juniors player and a River Plate player, and they could get along. We were better, more experienced and most of all, our defense is more stable (still some flaws though), and our attack was deadly.

Then we played the Red Bulls, at home. They humiliated us, really really humiliated us. But we won the next battle against the Bulls. It showed fighting spirit, passion and love for the game. And McNamara had a stunning goal, unbelievable world class goal, shoutout to T-Mac!

We pushed and pushed and it all payed off. We were on the top of the East! (We’re top of the East! We’re top off the East! Nobody likes us, we’re top of the East!) . Not to forget, we almost had a shot at the Supporter’s Shield. And it was fun as long as it lasted, we were happy with it and it showed that we’re not the new kid anymore, we belong here!

We reached the play-offs, sadly it was a short run. Of course you hope and pray for more, a final spot? Maybe even the Cup? Sure, I wanted it just as bad, but after a good night of sleep, I can live with it. We see there’s potential, we can achieve more. We’re just getting started, other clubs have to see this as a warnings signal, WE’RE HERE TO WIN, WE’RE NOT HERE TO TAKE PART, WE’RE HERE TO TAKE OVER!!!!

Thanks NYCFC and a special thank you to Tony Taylor, you’re a great guy Tony, thank you so much!

Tot ziens and see you next year.

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