Post uit Nederland: Welcome back Andrew!

Courtosy of NYCFC
Courtosy of NYCFC

Well, Our second win of the season was finally there. After waiting and waiting and losing and playing draws, we finally won!

It was against all my expectations. And I think even against all odds and here’s why:

  • NYCFC didn’t have a good form, with one win, two losses and several draws, the team didn’t know what being a winner was like.
  • Vancouver was an inconsistent team, but most of their games were good.

So on to the match. My parents weren’t home, my sister out of the house and the only thing bothering me was my brother and his girlfriend. They left the room, so I could watch my favorite team wearing my home jersey.

I put on the livestream and it was the YES Network, luckily. I was really happy to see Brillant, White and Lopez starting.

But what did I expect of this match? Most certainly a draw. A 0-0 or a 1-1, but nothing more. Maybe a win but that chance was just as possible as Leicester winning the BPL.

And then, the national anthem started (the anthem that starts becoming my anthem instead of the Dutch anthem after all this time). The whistle blew and the ball rolled, to Saunders, and BOOOM PLOT TWIST!!!! Saunders kicked the ball totally wrong and it went in to the net by Vancouver. This was, for me, just as shocking as the resurrecting of SPOILER ALERT Jon Snow. Or yeah, you know, not totally. Saunders have been playing bad all season, in my opinion, I even relegated him from God Saunders to Cardinal Saunders and maybe now he is father Saunders.

But we are NYCFC and we know how to come back! (Sometimes) And the man to do that was none other than David Villa, El Guaje. With a great assist from Shelton, Villa netted the ball in the far left corner. 1-1.

And, to make a long story short. Vancouver Penalty, in my opinion Vancouver fell to obviously. Penalty had to be stopped in the rebound. And Villa scored with the most perfect goal, but I give some credit to Frederic Brillant, who stopped the two defenders of Vancouver so Villa got some space. And Mendoza did what he deserved: to score a goal.


All together, it was an amazing match that could be discribed as an emotional rollercoaster, like every other NYCFC match. And the best part was after the match, the moment Villa and Jacobsen spoke to each other, hugged each other and talked together. It had the IT factor to show, that the team doesn’t forget Andrew, who was a great asset to the team last year.


Tot ziens!

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