Video: Los Templados NYCFC Watch Party Feb 2016

The night could not have gone any better. Great weather, great energy, (not so) great soccer, a pre-season win and the most important part, great fans.

Los Templados and NYCFC Family

On Saturday February 20th I joined Los Templados who were hosting a watch/game party at Cumbre Restaurant in Woodside Queens. At one point, because of how boring the game was, and how passionate our fans can get, I completely forgot that NYCFC was playing a match. It was a preseason game, so it doesn’t really matter right?

I was reminded there was game around the 80th minute when our Boys in Blue decided to start scoring goals. Cumbre restaurant erupted. When I recorded Episode 2, which was released today, I told Robert and Joe that I’m very excited about the new season starting in just a couple of days. Though, my excitement is not because of NYCFC. Well, yes, some of it is. It’s more towards the fan experience which simply booms when I watch soccer with my NYCFC Family.

Stay tuned for the full podcast episode where I record the sounds of that awesome night plus the interview with fans.

Until then I leave you with this small video clip that does not do the atmosphere justice.



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